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But first, coffee…

But first, coffee…

Here at Unity, we love a good cup of coffee. Along with billions of other people, we rely on it to help kick-start our day and keep our productivity levels up when we need it most – especially at work. When we curated the Unity Working office space, it was important that we could provide great coffee for our clients on-site.


We didn’t want our clients to have to spend time and money buying from coffee shops, not to mention the single-use plastic problem that comes along with purchasing coffee on-the-go. We enlisted the help of the Office Coffee Co. whose high-quality machines offer (in our opinion) the best bean-to-cup coffee experience – that freshly ground taste at the press of a button.


When providing for a multitude of clients in a flexible serviced office, the selection of drinks available is key and this certainly attracted us to the Office Coffee Co. machines. Whether you’re in a Cappuccino, Latte, Americano or Mocha kind of mood, our clever machine has it covered. Not forgetting the classic Flat White or Hot Chocolate when you fancy a treat or warming up on these nippy Autumnal afternoons… The simple touch-screen machine means that the hardest part of the whole experience is deciding what hot drink you want! Here’s what a few of our clients had to say about it:

“Consistently great coffee, easy to use and reliable”

“The selection choice is great – a coffee to suit everyone’s needs. Tastes amazing too!”

“Lovely coffee machine easy to use, always spoilt for choice as to what type of coffee to have. I’ve saved loads of money and I would say the coffee is just as good as (if not better than) some big chain names”


Putting our caffeine needs aside, what attracted us most to the Office Coffee Co. is their ethics and sustainability efforts: Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified organic beans and partnership with non-profit organisation, Cool Earth.

2010 saw Cool Earth launch a new coffee for the retail sector alongside fashion royalty and environmental campaigner, Vivienne Westwood. With every purchase, coffee lovers made a donation that helped save the endangered tropical rainforest. Inspired by the coffee-loving and planet-saving idea, Office Coffee Co. partnered with Cool Earth to ensure that their unique range of sustainable coffee protects the world’s most at-risk tropical rainforest too. With each purchase, Unity helps the award-winning charity to protect one of the most beautiful, important and endangered places on Earth, the Amazon Rainforest.


By purchasing our Cool Earth coffee and tea through the Office Coffee Company, Unity Working alone is helping to protect 14 trees and locking in 15 tonnes of CO2 and that’s just the start. It’s nice to know that getting our coffee fix is also helping to do our bit for the environment.