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It’s all in the details.

It’s all in the details.

Did you know? The average person spends around 50 hours per week, at work.

With that in mind, every aspect of the Unity Working offices has been carefully considered and curated to suit the needs of you and your business. We have selected and collaborated with speciality brands to ensure ultimate comfort in your workspace, without compromising on style.

It’s only when you think about how many hours you spend sitting down at your desk that you realise the importance of the chair you sit on. Being that we spend the majority of our working day sitting down, it is essential that our bodies are supported in all the right places. We decided on the dynamic, ergonomic Bestuhl chairs to accompany every single desk at Unity, which allows for personal customisation and maximum support.

We worked with London-based furniture brand, Rawside, to create bespoke furniture throughout the Unity Working office space, from desktops to coat hooks. Rawside pride themselves on their ability to reduce, re-use, recycle and recover materials, maintaining a low impact on the environment which, as well as their sleek designs, was all the more attractive to us. We share their principles, they shape our space.

Research shows that bringing a little bit of the outside into your workspace can help to improve concentration levels and wellbeing, make you feel less constrained and more relaxed. On top of this, plants in the workspace can even improve the air quality in your office. We reached out to Patch to help us go green and teach us how to care for our plant life.

If you’re looking for a quality space to grow your business, why not book a viewing and discover the rest of what Unity Working has to offer.

All work and no play? Not at Unity. Locations such as Bounce and Flight Club are ideal for team building activities. There’s nothing like a game of ping pong or darts to bond work colleagues.