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Our Sustainability Efforts

Our Sustainability Efforts

Unity Working understands the impact that we, as humans and consumers, are having on the environment and so we’re making an effort to reduce that in any small way we can – from the coffee we drink all the way to the hooks we hang our coats on!


We’re forever seeing on the news and online about the damage caused by single-use plastic and how we should avoid it as much as we can, an easy way to cut back is to carry reusable water bottles and coffee cups with you on the go. Inside Unity Working offices we want to maintain this and encourage making use of the glasses and mugs to refill from the Brita Vivreau taps which provide boiling, chilled still and sparkling water, as and when you like.


We’ve enlisted the services of the Office Coffee Co. whose sleek machines create delicious hot drinks at the push of a button, meaning our members won’t have to buy coffee on their way to work because there’s bean-to-cup coffee right here. Saving money, saving plastic and also saving The City from fuel emissions thanks to our recycling collectors, First Mile. Using First Mile for our recycling as well as them picking up our sacks of used coffee beans they turn them into power to replace fossil fuels. Impressive, right?


The (weirdly lovely) bins found in our kitchen areas are from the clever people at Method Recycling. What attracted us most to this brand was the design which features the word “landfill” displayed prominently at the opening – a powerful message and reminder about the amount of waste that we send to a landfill that we hope will encourage Unity members to reduce their waste contribution.


We’re conscious of energy usage in our offices and how much can be wasted on essential items like lights, heating or air-conditioning which we need but can be mindful not leave left on. With this in mind, each of our private offices come fully equipped with energy-saving censors to make sure that when your space is empty, the energy use is at a minimum. Another little way to make sure we’re doing our bit for the planet.


Our furniture partner, Rawside, who provided our beautiful desks, kitchen tables and breakout furniture, design and make their products in South London so don’t require long-distance transportation. Rawside are great believers in the 4Rs: “reduce, reuse, recycle and recover” and have them as a guiding principle to ensure their products have as little impact on the environment as possible. A great example of this is our coat hooks. To the unknowing eye, they’re just ordinary coat hooks, but our coat hooks were made from the offcuts of the very desks our Unity clients work at.


We’re always looking for more ways to do our bit for the planet and welcome suggestions from our clients at any time. Get in touch with your thoughts!