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The Benefits of Flexible Working

The Benefits of Flexible Working

Whether you are managing a growing company, freelancing, working for a start-up or have been in the same company for multiple years, today’s workforce model is evolving.

Employees are seeking more flexibility and control over their working day, which means they are still working their allocated weekly hours, but on their own terms as opposed to the outdated 9-5 model.

But what does the phrase really mean? According to Charlie HR, “flexible working is a term used to describe any working arrangement that differs from the traditional, ‘set’ working hours of 9-5, Monday to Friday.” Having the option to control your own working hours and locations has many benefits, which we have listed in more detail below.

Increased productivity

According to The Flex Factor, studies showed companies who adopted the flexible working policy saw a noticeable difference in improved concentration level, focus, creativity, and efficiency. This coincides with a study from Leesman Review which showed that 43% of employees believe one of the main contributing factors to being unproductive is a lack of variety of workspaces. Both of our Unity spaces have been created to encourage productivity, which is why our flexible workspaces are made up of open plan offices, private offices with lots of natural light as well as breakout zones for hot

desking, booths for focused work and smaller working areas. 

Another benefit of flexible workspace is to potentially reduce time wasted on commute, saving employees time to complete work from one of multiple co-working spaces to choose from.

Builds trust

The flexible working model requires trust from both employer and employee to ensure the same level of work is sustained in and out of the main office. By enabling each member of the workplace to plan and organise their own working day, the employees are more likely to feel like a trusted, valued member of the team, therefore boosting morale and encouraging productivity.

Improved Work/Life Balance

Having the option to work hours in locations that suit them, workers are able to plan their day around childcare, appointments, volunteering or other important commitments without having to take time off. This has a positive effect on employee’s mental health and wellbeing.


A study completed by the Office for National Statistics stated that the number of freelancers has almost doubled since 2001, and that 1 in 7 workers is self-employed. This is a huge advantage to employers looking for part-time employees who are able to hotdesk and work remotely as and when they are required. It also cuts out the limitation of finding qualified candidates in the immediate location and allows your team to work with talent across the country.

As well as having a variety of workspace areas in both our Moorgate and Cannon Street offices, we are surrounded by top-rated restaurants, bars, gyms and excellent transport links, making Unity the perfect place for flexible working. Contact us on 020 3972 4200 for a tour.