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The Best Colours For Productivity And Creativity In Your Office Space

The Best Colours For Productivity And Creativity In Your Office Space

There are many things that affect a person’s level of productivity throughout the day. This includes the obvious physical attributes such as diet, sleep, activity level and overall health, but did you know there are a number of other factors that can take their toll on your to-do list development?

Visual factors such as lighting, office layout, greenery and more surprisingly- paint colour of the environment you are working in- each have a big impact on efficiency.

It has been scientifically proven that the colour of a worker’s surroundings affects their productivity, but this isn’t a ‘one colour fits all’ solution. Different colours affect people in different lines of work. Certain colours help to increase efficiency, but each person’s unique personality causes them to interpret them differently.

Earthy Hues

More muted tones, like soft green and pastel blue are the go-to colours for improving efficiency and focus. Their calming connotations aid concentration levels, making it much easier for employees to focus on more difficult tasks. Earthy hues also reduce eye fatigue, making it a great choice for those working longer hours or on a strict deadline.

Best for Creatives

Working in an environment that requires creative juices to be flowing regularly? Yellow has connotations of optimism and energy, so it’s ideal for triggering innovation and sparking inspiration. The perfect shade for artists, designers, developers and copywriters.

Feng Shui

Here at Unity, our office spaces have been designed and decorated to create a vibrant and successful energy to those using it. The colour schemes in each area of the building has been carefully considered to create a tranquil environment and minimal distractions. One meeting room has been decorated in colour green is the Feng Shui colour that is said to promote fresh ideas, growth and has a calming influence on the space. The other is purple, which is associated with calm, imagination, and clarity.

Physical Activity

A bold colour that, when used appropriately, has many successful attributes in the workplace. Red is perfect for increasing energy and excitement levels which makes it a great colour choice for those doing physical activity, or creative brainstorms. Red is a colour that the eye is instantly drawn to, which could make it a good accent colour to highlight and draw attention to certain areas of the office.

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