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We’ve got previous…

We’ve got previous…

In 2012, after a successful management buyout, our team secured a number of leases for serviced offices sites across key locations in London. After four busy and productive years, the business was bought in 2016. We retained a site located in the regions and have been observing how the office market has evolved, especially with the introduction of more flexible and personal workspaces. Our knowledge of the sector has changed and grown and we wanted to be part of it again, so here we are.


Introducing: Unity.

Unity Working is our response to the recent changes in the industry: a clean, stylish and mature workspace suitable for businesses of all sizes. Unity Working sees and wants to offer the balance for everyone working within their space to be able to work hard but also ensure their lives are taken care of too. The needs of the modern professional are so varied now and we’re confident that our space reflects that.


We’re redefining the traditional workspace.

Taking our knowledge and experience of our previous business and considering how we would like to work and how we see what business people want. We have met and are partnering with people who are, like us, wanting to offer something decent, worthwhile and considered. From furniture that has been hand built right here in London to coffee that eventually goes on to power London buses. Our new London site sits slap bang between Moorgate and the start of Shoreditch, bringing those distinct look, feel and vibe together.


We are here for the work-minded who value life balance.

If you’d like to book a visit, you can reach us here.