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Our People

The Unity Team are seasoned individuals from the flexible office space sector. We have dealt with serviced, managed and semi-serviced offices across a number of previous businesses.

__Steve Finnegan

Managing Director

Stephen is an experienced managing director and co-founder of flexible space operations. Stephen launched his career in Aer Lingus learning his skill set for customer focuses approach.

Originally hailing from Dublin but calls Surrey his home, has invested in several ventures and co-owns a public house in Surrey. Over the course of his career Stephen has bought and sold a serviced office business, built his own house and has set up two further flexible space operations.

His vision and ability to see angles in opportunities means that good relationships are forged and good returns are produced. The Irish heritage leads to some ‘fascinating’ tales and fabled sayings leading to the nickname ‘Father Finnegan’.. to be sure..

__Dawn Oldfield

Ops Director

Starting out in the hotel sector and having worked whilst travelling through South East Asia, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand and the South of France knows that professional hospitality in flexible office spaces is key. Passionate about businesses being a success and ensuring that the Unity spaces are well designed, conducive to working and make people feel at home.

Building up the former serviced office business; Targetspace, opening locations in London and regionally moving on to the restructuring and management buyout and eventual sale of this business have provided a vast amount of experience and knowledge gained. Involved in assessing new business locations, planning and designing spaces and always ensuring there are a lot of plants… everywhere..

__Rob Webb

Finance Director

Rob is a Chartered Certified Accountant with 14 years’ experience in the flexible workspace industry. An experienced Finance Director, responsible for all accounting and financial reporting within the business. Rob is involved in business modelling, leasing and bringing his vast knowledge of business to the table.

He is a serial entrepreneur and the owner of several businesses. Running a high end property development company with a growing family, Labrador, apple orchard and of course a tractor, he is from Norfolk after all…


__Steve Hay


A qualified Chartered Accountant with a degree in Economics from Bath University. He has specialised in the software and IT industry for over 20 years. This included working at Essensys for 10 years, the world’s leading software provider to Serviced Offices.

__David Prior

Operations Manager

With 18 years flexible space sector experience David established a boutique group of quality serviced offices in the South-East for a private family trust between 2005 and 2018. Following success here, he went on to consult for several operators between Central and Greater London, Bristol and Kent. With this knowledge within the flexible space sector, and the experience derived from having setup up several operations from inception, David is across all aspects of the operations of the business and will have responsibility for additional roll-out of the future locations.

David has a growing family based in West Sussex; the family enjoy the coastal lifestyle. Having lost control of the remote control some years ago, David is forced more often than should be allowed to watch Peppa Pig by his children.


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